10 Helpful Tips For Writing A Research Paper On Gay Marriage

Gay marriage has been a controversial topic in recent years and is an interesting topic to explore. There are some thought-provoking issues you may want to explore. Here are some helpful tips for writing your paper on gay marriage.

  1. History – you may want to begin your research paper by looking at historical attitudes towards homosexuality. You may want to discuss how gay and lesbian people have been treated by fellow community members and the legal system historically.
  2. Changing attitudes towards homosexuality – After your historical discussion on homosexuality, you may want to discuss recent changes in attitudes towards homosexuality in some countries. You may want to discuss traditional views of marriage and family and how these have changed in recent history.
  3. Law – Gay marriage has been legalized in some countries, so you will want to explore the legal aspect of gay marriage in these countries. You may want to analyze these new laws and how they came to be passed in parliament.
  4. Rough outline – As with any research paper, having a rough outline of how you will structure your paper is very helpful. This will guide your writing process.
  5. Research – find information about homosexuality and gay marriage in textbooks, journal articles, and other scholarly resources. For information on the legal aspects of gay marriage, search the law library and legal and government websites.
  6. Rough draft – After completing your rough outline, you will then begin work on writing your paper.
  7. Introduction – This will be a brief statement (generally 10% of the overall word count of your paper) that will introduce the reader to the topic to be discussed in the body of your paper. Your introduction will not include any details, just a general overview of your paper.
  8. Body of the paper – This will comprise of the main discussion. This is where you will go into more detail about gay marriage and present the information you have gathered through your research. When you discuss laws relating to gay marriage be sure to cite these laws accurately.
  9. Conclusion – Your conclusion will summarize the issues you have discussed in the main part of your paper. You may want to highlight particular points, but you will not introduce any new information.
  10. Finish early – try to finish your paper early, and then put it aside for a few days. Then re-read your paper with a fresh mind and make any necessary changes.

These ten tips for writing a paper on gay marriage should really be helpful. If you keep these in mind, you’ll be well on your way to an excellent paper.

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