APA Style Research Paper Format: 10 Things To Keep In Mind

There are many different styles of papers such as APA, MLA, and Chicago. In most math and science classes the teacher will want APA, even though it was originally designed for use in psychological classes. Oddly Enough, most social studies classes, such as psychology, no wuse MLA. Ultimately, it is up to the teacher to decide what he or she wants to use. Never assume you know what style to use, ask the professor if he or she does not tell you. Write an APA style research paper, keep these ten things in mind.

10 Things

  1. You will need a bibliography page. It will list all the sources you looked at whether you use them or not.
  2. It should have a title page. Ask the teacher about this.
  3. The citations will be different that MLA ones. It will have the year it was published, not the page number listed. It may look like this (Smith 2001).
  4. Find an online reference source and bookmark it. There are hundreds of book son the style, but nothing beats a reference page when you are in the middle of writing on your computer, and do not know what to do next.
  5. Find a model paper. If you can locate a paper to model after as you write, then you will always have a sample for reference. Make sure the model has been written carefully.
  6. Use a professional if necessary. Some people can simply not remember all of the things they need to do with this format. If you find that you are one of these people, hire a professional writing company or a professional writer. Both of them will cost money, so make sure this is in the budget. The tutor will be more expensive than the writing company. Find the perfect fit, so that you can use the tutor or company whenever you need help with writing.
  7. The paper maybe more technical. This style of writing lends itself to technical materials. You may have graphs and charts in this type of paper. That is perfectly acceptable and may be needed to support your theory or your theories.
  8. You may find that with this style, your teacher may require an abstract. Know where is it stated that an abstract is required, but more and more teachers using the style seem to be requesting one. The abstract is a brief, about one paragraph, summary of the piece.
  9. The paper will still have an introduction and conclusion. The paper will also still be written in a formal manner. A formal manner means no first person, no second person, no slang words, and in a very structured style.
  10. You will still need to proof and edit in the paper. Every single paper you write in your entire academic and professional career will require that you proof and edit it.It just looks sloppy when you do not proof and edit it.

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