Top 25 Impressive Research Paper Topics Related To Youth Issues

Well if you want to talk about youth in your research paper, there are many things you can say. For some people this is the best of times, where their life is stress free and they can enjoy their endless energy and spend it in a variety of ways. On the other hand, some people report that they want to grow up faster and they like their life better because they made it with their own two hands. There are many problems we face in our youth, and here some that I think everyone can identify with.

  1. Bullying. This has been a problem everyone had to face at some point.
  2. Homework. Oh yeah this can become quite a problem for some kids.
  3. Money. Just because you are a kid doesn’t mean you don’t have money problems.
  4. Parents. Some grew up In a healthy way, but most kids live in a dysfunctional family.
  5. Hormones. Well there is an age everybody has where they start to light on fire.
  6. Abstinence. Make sure you are realistic if you choose this subject for your research paper.
  7. Technology. The new generation sees this as a blessing, but this might just be an issue.
  8. Smart phones.
  9. Pimples. It sounds funny, but many teenagers feel rejected because of this
  10. Being rejected. This hurts even to grown ups, how about little kids?
  11. Activities. Some kids have very dangerous activities.
  12. Pressure. Well we have pressure being put on us from a very young age.
  13. “fame”. There was always that famous kid in school, right? How did it affect him and everybody else.
  14. Educational system. It affects every kid, and most of them have a problem with it.
  15. Teachers. There are some who are nice and should remain teachers, but some of them (especially in the past ) were barbaric.
  16. Single parents. This has affected more kids than we can think of.
  17. House chores. Well this might not seem like such a big issue, but for a kid who is already under immense pressure, this could become a big problem.
  18. Drug Abuse . This is still happening today.
  19. Alcohol abuse. Same as above.
  20. Maturity. This is a problem because most kids don’t seem to get to that point even after they become “grown ups”
  21. Growing up too fast. On the other hand, some kids seem to grow up too fast.
  22. Violence. Either at school or at home.
  23. Materialism. Depending on how he is raised.
  24. Obesity. If you discuss about this issue in your research paper, you might actually help your colleagues.
  25. Poverty.

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