Drafting A Research Paper Introduction: Solid Advice

You are a good student, so you want to make sure that every paper that you make is absolutely perfect. Every time you need to work for weeks on your composition, especially if it’s a difficult research paper. Even so, this is not such a big deal. Most of the topics are easy and if you pay attention in class you know how to handle them very well. As you know, every composition starts with the introduction. There is a number of reasons why this part is so important, but I better tell you how to create it:

  • Write it after you finished the entire research paper. Since we are talking about the introduction, you might think that you should write this before anything else. Well, you could do this, but it will prove to be more difficult than you think. Since you did not write the body of the text, you are not sure on what information you should write in the first paragraph. Besides, if you decide to change something later, you need to delete it and start all over again.
  • Write down the crucial elements before anything else. In any introduction there are some elements that can’t miss. The topic of the paper, why did you decide to choose it, what research methods did you use and so on. To make sure that you don’t forget any of them, put them on a list and check it when you create the first draft. Remember that you can not write more than one or two paragraphs, so all this information needs to be summarized.
  • Give up the details. I know that you want to tell people as much as possible about your paper, but this will make your introduction unprofessional. What you have to do is to provide a few key details, and let them guess the rest. When someone reads your introduction he needs to be enthusiastic to read the rest; this is why you need to create a little mystery. For example, tell them that you quoted in your paper the biggest specialist in the field, but do not reveal any name. Be creative if you want to attract the readers!
  • Do not forget to correct it. Since we are talking about only a few sentences, it’s easy to miss grammar mistakes. Well, if your professor will notice this from the very beginning, he will be much more severe when he will verify the rest of the text.

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