7 Hints To Help You Choose A Unique Topic For A Term Paper

All right, so it is time that you cast aside the last realms of summer and started to well and truly knuckle down to writing your dreaded term paper. You’d think that you would eventually resign yourself to writing them, but somehow, they always manage to creep up on you. You understand the mechanics required to produce a great paper. However, it is the coming up with a unique subject that is stymying you. Don’t worry, we have all been in your shoes. Here are 7 hints to help you choose a unique subject:

Put your earbuds in

Putting your earbuds in serves two purposes. It helps you unwind and drift off to a place in your head where you are most likely to be able to find the inspiration that you need. It also crucially allows you to disengage and distance yourself from all of the chatter from your peers about the term paper subjects that they will be choosing!

Take your blinkers off

Take you blinkers off and start looking to the wider world around you for inspiration. There are term paper subjects to be found in abundance if only you are willing to start looking for them. Regardless of your age, or what stage you are there should be something that is relevant to you. Whether it be the current political situation in Europe, or something much closer to home.

Choose one that resonates

There is no point picking a subject if you have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever, or if it fails to connect with you. Sincerity is the key word. If you come across as being insincere in the presentation of your paper then it will be reflected in your overall grade.

Spin a subject

There is no no harm in taking a solid, well-known topic and totally spinning on it its head to make it unique. Indeed, there are several advantages to doing this. You have the benefit of writing about something which is within your comfort zone and the surprise factor when you pull it off!

Turn to the internet

If you are struggling to come up with a quirky idea, then simply entering some keywords into a search engine will bring up a whole host of possibilities. The internet is a wonderful weapon when correctly deployed.

Have a brainstorming session

A brainstorming session with your best buddies has the duel effect of

  • Coming up with useful subjects
  • Enabling you to have some quality time together.

Don’t be afraid that someone is going to come along and steal your subject. If they do then they are not a true friend.

Look to foreign politics

This advice applies wherever in the world you happen to find yourself. Most students lean towards politicians that they are familiar with. Choose a random country and delve into the political situation there.

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