What A Strong Research Paper Should Look Like: 8 Basic Elements

There are many different ways of looking at a research paper. You can adopt one or the other way about it and still be successful in making things work out for you. But there are some basic elements that should look similar in all papers. Here is a look at eight such elements.

  1. An impressive title
  2. Most research papers that garner very nice reviews begin with a great title. While research paper titles are not really very concise, you should expect it to have a spark of information in every other work. Most good papers carry a two-part title.

  3. Authentic research abstract
  4. The abstract for the paper is meant to convey the purpose and context to the paper. There are several people that do not get the meaning of research paper abstracts. A successful abstract has the potential to establish its relevance to those people.

  5. Informative literature review
  6. The literature review is something that the paper writer should consider very closely. There are several places that might not be as informative as others and it is the duty of the writer to include contextual works, both informative and dull.

  7. Organic connection in chapters
  8. The chapters should be connected in an organic manner. There must be some debate and discussion that goes while connecting the chapters with one another. Some of the best papers depict this connection very well. Look for such papers on the internet.

  9. Thorough accreditation
  10. Whenever you take lines from another author, it is your duty to give the right amount of credit to them. This works the same way as you would expect people to credit you for your work if they quote your lines later.

  11. Well-drafted references page
  12. The reference page and its drafting is the symbol of a research paper. The very research that the writer does is visible in the reference page. Look at this like the research a documentary film maker would do for their projects. It works the same way for research papers.

  13. Format-oriented margins
  14. Check out this service to sample a few formats and how the margins are distributed between them. There is not much difference between a good paper with less margins and one with more.

  15. Fact based research
  16. The research should be as fact based as possible. The author does not have the right to substitute facts with personal opinions. However, inclusion of new findings is always welcome.

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