How To Pick The Best Research Paper Topics In Library Science

When you are getting ready to write your research paper, the first thing that goes through your mind is how to come up with a topic. And not just any old topic, but the perfect topic. One that will excite you and you can pick up and run with. So how is the best technique for choosing your topic? There are many categories within library science you can look into. You may want to take some time and brainstorm about it so you can explore what might make you feel passion for writing.

  1. What is the role of the academic library in teaching programs such as community and distance education?
  2. What role does the academic library have in undergraduate and graduate programs?
  3. Have modern electronic devices effectively replaced the academic library system?
  4. What impact do advances in search engine technology have on libraries?
  5. Are libraries still essential in helping to support and encourage the liberal arts and humanities?
  6. Is the campus library an important center for study, reading and research for students?
  7. How can libraries improve their collections and improve services and programs in light of shrinking resources?
  8. What challenges are apparent in migrating to a web-based system for information? What opportunities are there?
  9. What are the changing roles of academic librarians? Especially with the move toward the internet as the main source of information?
  10. How can modern libraries cope with tight budgets?

When you’re ready to choose your topic, start by finding a general one that appeals to you. Start to delve down a little deeper into it. What narrow details can you add? You don’t want your topic so general that you can’t specialize in one aspect of it. The research would take you too long and be too exhausting.

Look at news articles about library science. See what’s new and fresh and trending in this area. These developments could really be made into an interesting and unique topic, and at the same time be new and interesting. Not surprisingly, your local librarian could probably give you a list of great ideas as well.

When looking for lists on the internet, remember they’ve been seen and used by hundreds of other students already. They make good background material to spark ideas but don’t ever use them as is.

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