The Research Paper Format: A Few Words About The Literature Review

Composing a research paper takes schematic organization of two many factors. You need to be wholly systematic with process; leaving no loose ends. Otherwise the paper loses its compaction and thus the essence of credibility.

Intrusive aspect

A considerable and wholly relevant part of the research paper is the literature review. It offers uniqueness to the paper through its probing intervention. You need to however go through a series of prominent reviews to get a toast of how they are carved and shaped.

Attesting the existence

A literature review ascertains and clarifies the worth of the paper and, in a sense, attests the need for the paper. A proper review takes into account the numerous resources utilized for the paper and assesses their considerable segue.

Spatial survey

It goes emphatically through the background and the Introduction and analyzes whether the thesis statement has been well-materialized through the span of the research paper. It identifies the moot and major points of the paper and assesses the poignancy and relevance of these points.

Semantic progression

The review also ascertains whether the research paper has been sequentially progressed and the generation of curiosity is linear and exponential. It stresses on the interest quotient as well as the believability of the paper. You get a feeling that the paper can be emulated by others once the review is systematically penned.

Feasibility factor

The review also assimilates the feasibility factor of the Methodology and also scopes alternate options. In this sense, the review actually prepares a sturdy defense for the paper. It needs to be remembered, though, that the actual mechanics of the Methodology should not be mentioned in the literature review.

The attraction quotient

It should mention the reasons why you took the research paper topic in the first place and your eventual grounding on the subject on the basis of your meticulous cutting of the theme. The review cuts the paper like a surgeon would his patients; in an absolutely impassioned manner.

Unprejudiced preparation

It follows that you need to be totally unbiased while writing the literature review. It should be as consistent as the format style adopted for your research paper. You need to assess the areas you have left loose or avenues where there is too much scope for conflict.

Introducing scholars

You also need to synthesize perspectives of scholars on the chosen theme and assess how far deviated you are from their perspective. The trick is to make a clear and compact assimilation of knowledgeable perception for the literature review.

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