How To Write A Good Body Paragraph For A Research Paper: A Brief Manual

When writing good intro and conclusion for your paper is important to get you a good impression by your reader, main body is the place, where you can actually express yourself, show, how much you know on the topic and how well you can present your research findings. This is the part that gets you a good grade on your assignment. That is why it is so important to do it right.

How to structure your body paragraph.

Everything in writing academic assignment requires structure. You will get the general structure of your paper, the structure in conducting your research and gathering data and, finally, the structure in each and every paragraph. Here is the structure you use for the main body:

  1. Introduce the main idea of this part. One sentence.
  2. Place the points you use to support your idea. Use physical evidence or refer to other people’s work (with proper citations, of course). 2-3 sentences for each point. Don’t get too many of them – a paragraph needs to remain not too long.
  3. Summarize what you’ve written above (optional, but preferable for big papers).

Making the parts of your main body stick together.

If you don’t have a 3-paragraph essay to write, you will need to use transitions between different parts of your paper, so it does not seem like bits and pieces of information have been put together for no reason at all. You can repeat the same information with different words, refer to what you have been saying earlier or use the information to develop your further thoughts. The main thing – each paragraph has to be connected to the next one. You can check yourself by reading two consequent parts of your paper separately – can you figure out, what’s going on?

How do you combine different parts of your paper?

It’s all easy with introduction and conclusion – one goes at the beginning and one at the end. But where do you put all the rest of the info you got during your research?

  • Get more specific with each sentence. Your intro gives only basic information on your paper and you need to get more and more specific while you go – outline the basic direction, get more specific and then present the data.
  • At the end, put some info about the theories or approaches that argue with your point of view – this way you’ll show that you’ve done a thorough research.

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