Creating A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper About Obesity And Weight Loss

The thesis statement for a research paper is often one of the more difficult sentences to construct. A great thesis statement should clearly and directly state the purpose of your work and the position you are taking on a given topic. In this article we will go over an effective method for creating a thesis statement about obesity and weight loss:

  1. Start with a question and answer
  2. The first exercise in creating a great thesis statement is simply to ask yourself what it is you sought out to find about obesity and weight loss in your study (question) and your simple response (answer). Use this to create a few potential thesis statements from which you can revise using the following methods.

  3. Tailor the thesis for the right purpose
  4. Not all assignments ask you do the exact same thing. Reread the prompt and highlight any keywords that tell you what type of writing you should be doing. Analytical, expository, and argumentative pieces all service a different purpose. You should take your brainstorming notes from the step above and make sure you revise it to suit the right purpose.

  5. Be sure you are taking a position
  6. Address just a single issue to ensure that the points you make throughout the research paper can be supported by the evidence you provide. Remember, that your statement and position needs to be something that can critically and reasonably be argued against. While you aren’t stating that this is your personal opinion it should be clear what side of an issue you are on.

  7. Be sure your argument is original
  8. There is a lot of content out there on the subject of obesity and weight loss – just open up any online news sight and you’ll find new content every day discussing the latest studies or fads. It’s hard to choose a topic that will be 100% original but you can be sure to take a fresh approach by thinking outside of the box. Your research paper will strike a positive chord with the reader if you present something that hasn’t been discussed before.

  9. Be sure you can defend your position
  10. Generally, you can develop a draft statement to guide your study, but the final statement should come after you have conducted all of your research. This way you can modify it so that it fits your work and is something which you can defend with concrete supporting evidence. Take a step back and ask yourself whether you have proven your argument. If you have any doubts then consider re-writing the statement.

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