How To Write A Top-Quality Research Paper Proposal


The onus is on you to make a definitive impression on a subject close to your heart. This is essentially an academic paper. You need to remain objective throughout the writing of your proposal.

Quality control

The proposal is only the entry point to your research and essay writing. It still needs to be accurate, and grammatically and academically correct. A poorly written proposal will be dismissed.

Three questions to ask before you start

  • Is there interest?
  • Your own research begins long before a proposal can be made. You need to find out whether there is a demand for your proposed dissertation.

  • Is the study feasible?
  • Further research denotes whether your studies are required and will make a valuable contribution to your academic environment.

  • Is there enough information?
  • While collating what is relevant to your main body of work, check all data and verify as far as possible its accuracy and authenticity.

Writing a detailed, error-free proposal

Peer review mechanisms are in place to ensure that suggestions for further research and writing are sound. Long before approaching your designated mentor, you can extend your introductory research to interviews with qualified experts who will be happy to discuss your work.

The final proposal should contain as much detail as possible to make a persuasive case for being given the green light for proceeding with your work. Before submission, thoroughly edit your proposal.

Outline the proposal

A detailed and well-presented written enquiry takes into account all rules for writing a professionally worded case study. This tried and tested standard extends to fiction writing as well. The outline will always include an introduction, body and conclusion.

What to include and what to leave out

While you may have already begun research on the main body of your proposed work, you will not be including any early findings at the stage of enquiry. What should be included, however, is your thesis statement (although, at this stage, it will be brief).

Time management

Like any business, there will be budgetary considerations. A vital part of your proposal is a suggestion of how long your study and writing will take. Not including this could lead to rejection.


Finally, have a presentation proposal and follow-up query ready in the event that an invitation is extended, or no response has been made to your early work.

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