Interesting Research Paper Topics For High School Students

One of the biggest reasons high school students tend to struggle with research paper writing assignments is that they hardly ever choose an interesting and original topic to work with. Many instructors will provide students with a list of options, but the assignment is usually more easily completed when a student develops his own. Here are a list of interesting research paper topics that should inspire high school students to develop their own ideas:

  1. Take a small business in your community and consider the ways it impacts the local economy. Does the business struggle when a new large-scale business, offering the same products or services, comes to town? Or does community loyalty keep it successful?
  2. Do you think there should be stricter standards and regulations for labeling plastics containing the contaminant BPA? Do you think there should be wider standards for labeling when BPA can be found in food storage materials?
  3. Would a sustainable community be possible in your neighborhood? What are the best practices in some successful sustainable communities from around the globe? Which of these best practices would work or fail in your neighborhood?
  4. Are employees at your local community college trying to form unions? Are students at the school in support of employee unions, even if it could mean higher fees for tuition? What about members of the community who aren’t associated with the college?
  5. Has there been a recent scandal at one of your local public schools? If so, what was the response by the community members? Did students’ opinions differ from parents? What about the response from citizens without any ties to the school?
  6. Do you think there should be laws preventing the killing of wild carnivorous animals, such as wolves? Do farmers have the right to do what they can to prevent the deaths of their livestock? What would happen if there were protections against the killing of wolves and they thrived?
  7. How does your state government deal with issues of poverty concerning the welfare of children? Is childhood poverty a major concern of the states or do other issues take precedent? If so, what are these issues and what do they say about the state’s citizens?
  8. What rights should teenagers under the age of 18 have when it comes to health? Should they have the right to refuse medical treatment as long as they can be deemed capable of making the choice?

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