What To Know About The Standard Term Paper Layout Format

The term paper usually contributes significantly to a student’s final term marks and can involve extensive research and experimentation depending on the subject. There are two main styles that are accepted by most educational institutions, namely MLA and APA formats. These two styles are only slightly different in my opinion, they share many similarities that can be considered important in any type of paper. Here are some guidelines that one should follow when writing their term paper to achieve the best result:

  1. Use standard page sizes
  2. Most formats request use of a standard page size of 8.5 inches across and 11.5 inches in height.

  3. Present your information in an easy to read manner
  4. Most popular formats request that you double space all your texts and use a font that is easy to understand, with the italics being clearly distinct from the plain text. Some teachers request that there is one space after a period instead of two like most official styles request.

  5. Use a standard margin and paragraph layout
  6. Standard styles request that you use a straight left margin alignment to left left of the page, one inch from the left extreme with an uneven right side that also maintains a one inch margin from the right side of the page. Paragraphs must also begin with a slight indentation, obtained by pressing the tab key once and not by hitting space bar five times.

  7. Title and page system
  8. Tittles must be placed at the center of the page and done in italic font. Each page must be numbered at the top right hand corner directly up against the left margin.

  9. Use graphs and charts effectively
  10. Presentation of information is a vital aspect of any paper and the method used can greatly determine the readers ability to grasp the meaning of the information. Use graphs that best promote the idea you are trying to present through your data for example, a pie chart will represent the entertainment choices of a population better than a bar chart.

  11. Sections and headings
  12. Section headings can improve the readability of your essay and must be done for individual chapters of as well as subsections included in your paper. It is recommended that you use roman numerals to number points that you list in a sub section of your document to help clearly identify your points from that of main section headings.

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