Coming Up With The Best Term Paper Topic In Music: 10 Suggestions

Music is what gives you a sense of relief even in the most troubled times. It is a panacea; an elixir and a balm depending on the mood you are in. Needless to say, it carries an enormous scope for term papers.

You can chew on the following suggestions to carve your topic –

  1. Vitiation due to commercialism – Money has entered the mental frame and it often hampers the flow of the heart which gives birth to music. This vitiation is quite evident. Earlier, people had the class to touch your souls purely with their voice; now, even inveterate technology often fails to do so.
  2. Baroque period – You can delve into the period (1600-1700) and find out how music was first given the succor of instruments as also tonal variations. You can sketch out the contributions of Bach, Scarlatti and other prominent musicians.
  3. The Caribbean calypso – There is an enchantment in the freedom and verve of the Caribbean flavor when it comes to music. They make excellent use of the wind, string and percussion instruments.
  4. The Falsetto – This is a testament to the wavering mindset of the listening people. They grew tired of linear and natural music and wanted due punctuations and false notes and Falsetto came into the scene.
  5. Renaissance period – This is the period (1400-1600) when the musicians were a liberated lot. That was evident in the styles they used. Also, music started being expressed in word form and not just basic instruments. Prominent exponents were Walter Frye and William Byrd among others. This period was followed by the Baroque.
  6. Rhythm and harmony – You can trace the routes that these two entities took through the years; right down to the modern period. It is actually a fetching topic.
  7. Effect on patriotism – You can scope out countries which found energy in music to plan their revolts. Songs and lyrics have played a prominent part in the genre.
  8. The jazz and pop – These two are extremely popular modern versions. There may not be any direct connection between the two but together, they rule the world just now.
  9. Prowess of folk music – It is amazing how folk music tends to influence the commercial music of many countries. A perfect term paper topic idea!
  10. The Church use – The canons have been in demand for too long and churches have utilized music forever to establish their credentials. You can take a stylized tour around the precept.

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