Tips And Ideas For Writing A Research Paper On The Holocaust

Have you been tasked with writing a great research paper on the holocaust? While many refer to the holocaust as something that should not have existed in the first place, we cannot deny the fact that the holocaust actually left a permanent stain on a portion of humanity; one that will never be wiped off. To help us understand the holocaust better, several survivors and witnesses have documented their experiences. Most of our knowledge of the holocaust stems out of these evidences.

To construct a touching paper on the holocaust, you should have a clear underatnduing and selection of the topic. Up and above that, there should be some deft undertones that most papers on the holocaust would generally miss. Here are a few of them that you may look to include in your paper as well.

Love of the homeland

We all love the countries where we are born. On most instances, this love goes above and beyond the love for the fictional lands described in some religious texts. The Jews of Germany were no different. They loved their homelands like we all do. And the first thing that might have crossed their minds when they understood the Nazi intention was to cling on to their land.

The rich and low income groups

Now, many might advocate that it was more the property than anything else. While that argument does not fall on its face per say, you will also have to understand that there were many more low or no income Jews who did not want to leave Germany as well. Like in most other communities, these people were in the majority.

The undertones of sexism

Many movies have highlighted this aspect of the Nazi oppression of the Jews in early 1940s. It was almost a given that the most beautiful Jew woman from any particular street would not be sent to the concentration camp directly.

They would first be employed as domestic help with the local SS officer. On several instances, the officer would release the woman only when there were direct orders from the top to send the Jew to a concentration camp.

Popular misrepresentations

In many novels and also in movies, some aspects of the holocaust have been misrepresented far too often. Some people that were not associated with the pogrom are seen to be dragged into the debate and some who have had a key role are often given a clean chit.

Your research on the holocaust should look to exploit and eventually unveil some of these popular misinterpretations.

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