Making Footnotes In A Research Paper: 6 Rules To Remember

Research papers have many formats and techniques. You must be well acquainted with all of them to come up with a nice one. You have to know the details of the writing techniques like MLA or APA formats, you have to know the details of the indentations used and the citations done. You should know how to edit your materials and papers. All these are mandatory works for accomplishing a good research paper.

What is a footnote?

These are an important part of your research paper work. By the help of footnotes you get to provide some notes at the bottom of your page as extra references. The citied references or the comments that you want to provide on the particular part of your paper is being given at the bottom. Suppose you have used such a reference which you need to elaborate but it is not a part of your paper. So you can use a footnote for that and explain to your readers later.

Important things to remember while creating a research paper footnote:

  • You should write your bibliography citied before you are writing down your footnote. It is probably the shortened version of citation which you need to provide to give some extra information about topics. It will obviously be the last part of your work so complete the rest of the thing before beginning with them.
  • You should be well aware of how to use the footnote. Go to the end of the sentence and mark it with “1” at the upper right corner of the last letter. A similar “1” will appear at the footer of your page to describe that particular part. Well if you have more than one citation to do in a page the numbers will change.
  • Footnotes are always provided at the end of any form of punctuation. You might provide it after a semi colon or a colon or a comma or a full stop. These are the four general things after which we provide the notes.
  • The number linking to the sentence should be given after the sentence ends. You should never put in between sentences.
  • Sometime it might happen that you have to use footnotes in place of parenthetical in-text citations, there are some basic things which you need to provide. You have to provide with the name of the author along with the title in Italics with the translator, edition of the series, names of publisher too.
  • If you want to cite the reference form online sources then do provide the author of the website and the title should be given in italics along with the URL.

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