Philosophy Term Papers Topics: 15 Questions Worth Discussing

Writing a paper on philosophy does not seem so hard at first. Looks like you don't even have to do a research, you can just write it from your general knowledge and personal opinions about the world. When you dig deepeer, however, you realize that there is much more to it than you first thought. There are so many theories and people, supporting them, so many concepts to consider that you need to dig in pretty deeply, if you don't want your paper to seem completely ignorant.

First challenge – choosing the topic.

If you think that writing your paper is going to be hard, think about the fact that you still need to get there. The first complicated moment you will face when working on your paper is the topic selection. If your professor has given you a topic to write on, consider the job halfway done. If not, we've prepared a list of topics for you that will help you to head to the right direction.

  1. Arguments against the existence of cristian God.
  2. Points for and against the unification of religion and government.
  3. Are moral actions obligatory for feeling happy?
  4. Connection between morality and self-development.
  5. Is it possible for everybody in the world to be happy?
  6. The reasons why some people cannot be happy in their everyday lives.
  7. What is the best kinf of government according to political philosophy
  8. The ethics of keeping wild animals in zoos and circuses.
  9. What does social equality mean for modern society?
  10. Ethical reasons for and against the approval of euthanasia
  11. How natural is the basis of homosexuality?
  12. Philosohical approach to feminism: reasons and necessity.
  13. The main influence on human behavior: genes vs. the environment
  14. Philosophy and theories of punishment.
  15. Reason vs. feelings in ethics.

Confirming your topic – make sure it's good enough.

You don't want to write on any topic, you need one that will get you a good paper and, of course, a good grade. Confirm the topic with your professor if possible, but find out first, if this is encouraged in your class. Some professors want the students to confirm the topic with them, others demand the student to work on it himself and only assess the writing. Check if your topic is researchable, interesting for you and will bring something new to the field you write in.

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