How To Create A Geography Research Paper Proposal In No Time?

What is a geography research paper proposal?

A geography research paper proposal is an academic piece of writing, which you need to submit before the submission of your final paper. The proposal must include- what is the question that you are going to answer through your paper and why. Also mention that possible outcomes.

Tips to construct geography research paper proposal?

  • Include solid data
  • Including solid data in the proposal is the first requisite. You don’t need to put your opinion, state or judgment here as the subject is geography. Plain statistics will be enough to back it up strongly.

  • Prepare a questionnaire first
  • Before you begin writing the geography paper proposal, you must prepare a questionnaire. Include in it queries like- what is the topic of your work, why you have chosen this, what outcome you want to achieve and what methodology you will use. Now including the answers one by one will make constructing a proposal easier.

  • Go through the other samples
  • If you want your proposal to be accepted at the first chance, then go through other samples minutely. Visit your university’s library to hunt down scholarly samples on geography. If the library has not adequate resources, then you should look up to the academic websites. Also if you have few friendly seniors among your acquaintances, then request them to lend you their proposal samples.

  • Be careful of the structure
  • There are some absolute elements that need to go into the making of paper. They are- introduction, hypothesis, research question, assumptions, proposed chapters, literature review and methodologies.

  • Don’t reveal every everything about the final draft
  • This may happen if you attempt to write the proposal after writing the main paper. You may feel so much enthusiastic about your accomplishments that you tend to include the bits and pieces of them in the proposal. This will ruin the proposal unless you learn to draw the line on- what to incorporate in the proposal and what not.

  • Keep the innocent tone
  • As your proposal is the prequel of the final paper, you need to keep the tone fresh and innocent. For that matter, you need to construct this before you embark upon the journey of writing the main paper. The proposal needs to give the readers an idea that- you have chosen a pertinent question of geography and you are taking an attempt to answer this. Whether or not you will be able to do- is going to be revealed in the final paper.

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