The Parts Of An APA Research Paper: Academic Writing Tips

If you are writing an APA research paper, and this is your first time completing such an assignment, then you may be wondering what parts you need to include. The first thing that you should be aware of is that APA style does not necessarily determine which sections you need to include, as it is more to do with the formatting instructions that you will have to follow. Therefore, it is a good idea to either look on the Internet or buy a guide that outlines the particular formatting instructions you will have to follow when writing with APA style.

As for the parts of the paper itself, there are a variety of sections that you might need to write, and the precise sections that you will have to include will depend upon the style and requirements of your particular paper.

Sections towards the beginning of your paper

As mentioned, there is no definitive guide to which sections you should include; however, you will probably need to include a selection of the following: an introduction, an abstract, and a title page or cover page.

The body section of your paper

The body section will contain most of the important details of your paper, and can refer to a number of different sections. For example, you may need to write a methodology section, a results section, and analysis section, and a variety of other parts. Alternatively, your body section might simply be one large section, in which you include any necessary information or arguments that you wish to provide.

The final sections of your paper

Towards the end of your paper, you will need to include some sort of conclusion. However, it is entirely possible that you will need to include a variety of other sections after this as well. For example, you will often need to include a bibliography, as well as an appendix section, and any other similar sections that provide additional information or materials which are best left separate from the body section.

As mentioned, the specific sections that you will need to include will depend from paper to paper. Therefore, you should always liaise with your teacher or sponsor in order to discuss what sections they think that you should include. Furthermore, it can be useful to look at sample papers that you can download from the Internet to give you a better understanding of how to structure your work.

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