How To Choose A Unique Literary Topic For A Research Paper

When you are assigned an essay that requires sources such as data, stories, interviews, quotes, case studies, and statistics, you want to follow several important guidelines. Yet, you also want to make sure that the subject you pick is different, innovative, informative, and fresh. Sometimes doing all of these things can be difficult. We have some easy to use steps that will help you choose the best idea for the piece you are writing.

How to Select a Unique Research Paper Literary Topic

  • Social media-if you are on any kind of social media, you can find the latest and most exciting trending news. This is a great place to come up with a new idea for your project. Just make sure that this new subject has plenty of credible sources and information.
  • Databases-most of the academic databases have a “What’s New” or a “Trending” section. Also these topics will be linked in that section to valid resources. Always start with the databases when you are hunting for the best subject matter.
  • Different approach or point of view-if you take an old idea and you approach it from a different perspective or point of view, you can make an old subject new and exciting. For example if you are pro free college, why don’t you try to take the pro side in your piece? Or use the point of view of a college professor who might see his class sizes triple with free college? Consider the other side and perspectives of some of your old favorite topics.
  • Critical Analysis Essay Anthologies-most libraries have an anthology of essays written by the experts. You can find them in the English and in the reference sections. Look at one of these reference books in order to gather some good ideas.
  • Do a keyword search check-once you find what you think you wish to write about, do a key word searching using all the subject words. This will let you know if your idea is over-used and if your idea has a lot of credible sources you can use. Always do a key word search.
  • Debate and speech sites-the world of speech and debate is deep and quite interesting. These sites have all the cutting-edge ideas and the places to go for information on the ideas. Speech and debate is always several steps ahead the rest of the educational world and their sites are great places to explore for subject ideas.

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