Creating A Strong Term Paper On Strategic Leadership And Management

Different students have different term paper plans. However this time if you are allotted leadership and management as the topic, you should consider an effective strategy. For this ascertain a claim and then support it with logical reasoning. Carry an intensive research and support them with set of examples.

Follow the thesis guidelines and unite all the elements to make the research paper a stronger one-

  1. Your term paper should have a simple start. You should write your thesis statement in one simple sentence.

  2. You should answer the question of the thesis statement in a simple format. Think what you are trying to prove? Are you trying to relate leadership and management as the interlinked approaches? What would be the role of leadership in absence of management? Justify synergistic combination of various forms of leaderships (managerial and visionary) and discuss their ethical behaviors and their impact on value based decisions made by you.

  3. Refine your topic and narrow it down. Concentrate on your thesis statement with a limited perspective. For example if your topic is leadership and management. Further diversify it into headings and subheadings.

  4. Be flexible in your approach. Do a deep research and if at any time of the research you feel that there are other strong possibilities, you should make alterations and change your thesis statement.

  5. Verify if you’re chosen topic-‘leadership and management’ complements the written content and the resources. Take acceptance through your instructor before you begin extensive research.

  6. Do not telecommunicate the message from the first person’s perspective while writing the paper. Instead you should support your thesis with more supporting evidences. Never write like this- ‘I am going to prove’, “‘I hope to reveal’ etc.

  7. The term paper should be written emphasizing on ethical behavior highlighting the significance of value based decisions. Day to day strategies and long term responsibilities should be formulated by the leaders managing their immediate impacts. Their long term goals should be focused keeping organizational survival, development and long term viability in mind.

  8. Leaders should control the strategies and work on finance. They should manage the team and work at organizational level employing linear and non – linear thinking patterns. Working with peers and subordinates they should proactively shape their ideas influencing attitudes and opinions of all within the organization.

  9. Leaders should make decisions based on value based principles, focusing on tacit knowledge promoting enactment of vision.

  10. Leadership management is highly intricate subject that includes ambiguity and overload of information. It includes multifunctional and integrative tasks that need to be managed depending on the quantity and diversification of work. Hence keep all these perspectives in mind while writing a paper on the given topic.

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