Creating A Literary Term Paper: Interesting Ideas For High School Students

When you are tasked with creating a literary term paper in high school you might be struggling with how to do it well. Below you'll find some interesting ideas that you can use to create the perfect literary term paper.

  • This type of assignment is one which is often reflective upon one book, poem, or short story that you read in class, or a handful of them which you are asked to compare. Once you know the subject for the content you want to go back and review if nothing else the notes that you took when you initially read that piece. The reason you want to go back and review immediately prior to finishing your assignment is because each item you present, each character you review, and each aspect that you discuss has to be backed up with evidence in the form of quotes. In order for you to truly present the most effective arguments you need to have relevant quotes from the book, poem, or short story.
  • The sooner you refresh your memory with the content you reviewed, the better off you will be in terms of finding appropriate supportive details.
  • Another important aspect to crafting the perfect paper is to familiarize yourself with the author or authors. You want to know what other work they have done so that you might be able to glean something beneficial from something else they have completed. You want to know what their background so that you can look for clues pertaining to their upbringing which may influence their writing style or the literature you have to review.
  • Knowing something about the author or authors allows you to cultivate a much more in-depth understanding and analysis. This will lend itself to a much more coherent and well thought out final product and a much better grade in the end.

Once you set out to create the first draft make sure that you have all of the notes nearby. Any quote or interesting lines that you have found during the course of reviewing the literature should be marked and the corresponding page numbers noted. If you mark the moment you read them you will find that it is significantly easier for you to go back and put in the proper citations. You also want to remember that only 10% of your final product should be made up of quotations. This means that you should try and shorten your quotes to only the most relevant ones or simply rephrase them while simultaneously including the proper citation.

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