What Are The Parts Of A Research Paper: A Guide For Dummies

Research papers are very different in structure from essays. Essays have a much simpler structure and the content is also very limited while the research papers or dissertations have a very comprehensive structure, content backed by a wide scope of the task, and a large amount of work in addition to knowledge collection and drafting. Following are the main parts of a research paper which a student must know about before embarking on a journey to produce a draft:

  • Introduction, Aims and Objectives
  • At the start of the paper, it is essential to provide a context to the reader regarding the topic that will be explored in the paper. It is also important to clearly identify the aims and objectives of the dissertation at this point so that the scope of the paper is clear at the very onset.

  • Target Questions
  • It is important to specify the questions that will be explored in the paper through primary and secondary research. These questions are directly linked with the aims and objectives of the task.

  • Literature Review
  • An essay does not contain a comprehensive literature review but a dissertation contains a comprehensive literature review because the scope of this task is much wider and the readers need to be provided with sufficient context on the subject. The literature review explores multiple themes relevant to the subject area and target questions.

  • Methodology
  • A dissertation focuses on presenting the work performed by the student in an effective and efficient manner, and part of the process is to explain the methods used by the student to perform the work. This section of the paper explains the methodology used by the student for acquiring relevant and reliable data for the task.

  • Summary of Data Collected

    This section presents a summarized form of the data collected as a result of primary and secondary research. It is essential to disintegrate data in accordance with themes and aims and objectives.

  • Analysis of Data
  • This section presents analysis of the primary and secondary data to identify relationships and themes among data streams. This analysis leads towards the dissertation findings.

  • Summary of Findings
  • This section presents the findings from the analysis of the data. It is essential for the student to remain in line with the predefined questions while presenting findings.

    The sections specified above are the core sections in any dissertation. A student can have a clear idea regarding the structure of a research paper after going through these sections.

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