Looking For A Research Paper Outline Sample In The Chicago Style

An outline is a skeleton of your research paper. It is a useful tool that will help collect all your ideas, check how they connect to each other, and choose the most effective order for presenting them. Due to this, it isn’t surprising that students are asked to prepare and submit their outlines before taking any serious steps in crafting their papers. When developing your outline, you should meet all of your teacher’s requirements. Namely, if you should follow a specific documentation style in your work, remember to consider corresponding formatting nuances in your outline as well. If you should format your paper in the Chicago style, be sure to refer to a good sample and create a proper outline at the first attempt.

How to Find a Research Paper Outline Sample

It isn’t difficult to find a good sample if you know exactly what you are looking for. When searching on the Internet, be specific and clearly define what you need. For example, if you enter just “sample outline” in the search query, you’ll get lots of irrelevant results. However, your chances of coming across the necessary piece will greatly increase if you type “Chicago style outline sample”.

Where to Search for the Necessary Sample

  • The Internet
  • While you may simply use your favorite search engine to get the outline, there are some other options for you to consider. For example, why not to browse a couple of academic writing websites, online writing labs, or educational websites? Find several research papers in the Chicago style there and look through available outlines. You may also ask for a good outline on any student forum. Undoubtedly, lots of students have already worked with Chicago format and some of them will eagerly share their outlines with you.

  • Your school
  • It doesn’t hurt to turn to your teacher and ask for a proper outline sample. After all, teachers are supposed to help their students, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be refused. Ask around among upperclassmen. They probably have crafted lots of papers in the Chicago style by now, and their outlines will definitely come in handy. Visit the writing center of your institution. This is where students can get assistance with their writing assignments, and you will also be provided with the necessary materials.

  • Library
  • Visit a school library and search for good outline samples in textbooks, tutorials, and other publications on academic writing. You may also look for completed research papers in the Chicago style by previous students and use their outlines to your advantage.

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