How To Create An A+ Research Paper: A Guide For Beginners

What does it take to write an A+ research paper?

Writing an excellent research paper requires the student to pick the best topic ever. The subject matter should be one that has the following characteristics:

  • Interesting and intriguing;
  • Enough information on it;
  • Easy to find information on it; and
  • Somewhat controversial.

The student should take their time writing the term paper and not do a rush job. It is good to take at least three weeks to write the paper.

Here are ten helpful tips for a student writing their first term paper:

  • Helpful Tip #1: Pick a topic that will be interesting and intriguing to write about.
  • Helpful Tip #2: The student should pick at least five possible subjects to choose from for the paper.
  • Helpful Tip #3: It is good to start working on the writing assignment at least three weeks before it is due. This will allow the student to have enough time to research the topic and write a rough draft of the paper.
  • Helpful Tip #4: The student must ensure that during the research process that they gather enough information on the subject.
  • Helpful Tip #5: After the student has found enough information on the topic, that information should be organized into an outline.
  • Helpful Tip #6: The student will use the outline to begin writing the first draft of the term paper.
  • Helpful Tip #7: It is good to write two drafts of the paper prior to working on the final draft.
  • Helpful Tip #8: Each copy of the paper needs to be checked for spelling errors, grammatical errors, typos, and sentence structure errors.
  • Helpful Tip #9: The student should have the final copy of the research paper carefully reviewed by a proofreader to ensure that it flows nicely and makes sense.
  • Helpful Tip #10: It is good to take enough time to write each draft of the research paper for the best grade.

Some topics for an A+ term paper for beginner writers:

  • Does abstinence really combat STDs in teenagers?
  • Does abstinence really decrease teenage pregnancy rates?
  • Is it more beneficial for children to be adopted by their own race?
  • Who has really benefitted from affirmative action blacks or white women?
  • Does alternative energy sources really decrease air pollution?
  • Do body piercings and tattoos prevent an individual from getting a good job?

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